Create housing that residents like

75% of buyers rely on the reputation of developers to make their purchasing decision. While it is possible to occasionally persuade people to buy your homes by ignoring your reputation, the most sustainable way to generate demand is to create a good reputation.

Trust is gained by the drop and lost by the liter, said Jean-Paul Sartre. Creating a reputation goes through several stages and requires consistency and continuity.

The acoustic quality of housing


Acoustics is a parameter very often neglected in the design and execution of a project, yet it is an essential element in the experience that customers will have of their accommodation on a daily basis and therefore in the word of mouth that ‘they are going to transport. See the article “acoustic performance in housing” which summarizes good practices.

La communication


49% of buyers are disappointed with their purchasing experience, between the moment they sign their bill of sale and the moment they are delivered. This is due to the feeling of being abandoned by the developer, of not knowing where the project is at and what the next steps are. It is important to maintain links during the construction site, and not reduce contact with the buyer to calls for funds. A customer area where the individual can see the latest information is essential. For example, you can share information such as progress photos or the dates of upcoming events.

Common areas


Buyers are increasingly demanding access to shared spaces. Also, to stand out, it may be wise to include some in your program, or even leave some to be determined so that buyers can vote.
The most classic is the shared terrace, which brings real added value to buyers and does not cost much more than an inaccessible terrace, the counterpart being having to provide access which will necessarily take up a few m² of floor space.
A large number of other common rooms are possible, including the most unusual: kitchen, games room, coworking, studio for guests, mini-golf, gym, bicycle storage, strollers, storage, etc.



Most developers have no other arguments than price reductions, disguised under the promise of services or facilities offered such as notary fees or cooking.
Buyers, for their part, are used to being able to personalize their car or shoes online, and more than half of them are requesting modification work.
With Visuary, you can allow them to carry out their TMAs with ease, while controlling the implementation.



Imposing a rigorous OPR campaign and participating in it (at least by sampling) is essential in order to deliver quality housing. To record reserves and ensure that none is forgotten, a digital solution on a tablet is very suitable. There are many software programs to do this, both paid like Finalcad and free like OPR6.
Points of vigilance include sensitive surfaces such as parquet floors and their protection, closing windows correctly, scratches on windows and chips and stains on tiles.

Respecting deadlines


One of the concerns of buyers is the delay in construction. The advantage is that our industry has such a bad reputation that they expect deadlines to slip a little. The law requires them to be compensated from the first week of delay. However, it is not obligatory to give a precise date. We can therefore simply give a date for the quarter, then refine it to the week 3 months before the actual delivery. Parkinson’s Law dictates that things always take longer than expected, and this is especially true for finishing and OPR lifting in construction. Asking the company for a firm delivery date allows you to make a commitment, especially since you may be surprised by the announced deadline, which will generally include periods of bad weather and extraordinary events. Taking a week or two of margin is therefore often wise to guarantee the arrival of buyers in the best conditions.

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