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Visuary is the most advanced and simplest customisation and choices (TMA) tool on the market. It gives acquirers a modern experience and simplified development monitoring.

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A tool that supports you through all your sales stages

Our easy to use software offers a robust and convivial platform conceived specifically for real estate developers. Manage all acquirer customisation with ease, monitor developments in real time and provide a transparent communication between all parties. With our integrated system, you can optimise your processes and improve your team’s efficiency; which helps your deliver projects on time, and guarantees client satisfaction.




Give your prospects the Visuary immersion experience

With the Visuary software, you can collect all customisation and choices requests in a structured manner, and you can make sure all requests are taken into account by the building trades. The efficient management of customisation allows you to better satisfy your buyers.

Offer a digital customisation experience

Replace time-consuming interactions with your teams by showing your buyers a 3D configurator instead of a paper plan, and let them customise it independently or with your assistance. Virtual tours are also an option.

Enjoy simplified execution tracking

The prices of modification works are calculated automatically, and quotes are generated in real time. Each change to the plan is recorded and tracked. Validation by the project management is simplified and accelerated through a dedicated interface.

Provide the right information to trade companies

Send the information right to the construction site with our QR code system, which, once placed on site, ensures that each participant (worker, supervisor) has the correct, up-to-date plan.

Simplify the validation of participants

You can make a request for even very complex modification works (TMA) in just a few clicks and then submit the modified plans to the project manager and builders. As a result, each participant can easily validate the proposals made or suggest changes.

Reduce errors

Our customisation (TMA) software is equipped with artificial intelligence that detects layout errors and respects the limits you have set. Are there missing light fixtures? Are standards not being met? You are notified immediately. One of our modules also allows for plans and measurements to be available on site.

HD renderings that will make your clients dream.

Our modification and choice (TMA) software is technical but also commercial. You or your clients can create high-definition 3D images with just one click and without any special knowledge.

Customized Support

During the initial uses of our platform, we will be there to help ensure its success. Your product ranges and the modifications you allow will be integrated in a customized way..

Perfect Integration

We are integrated with several business software systems and can connect to your internally developed software. The solutions communicate using SSO or other technologies.

100% Secure

All information about your clients, quotes, and personal information are 100% secure and only visible to your teams. We comply with all legal GDPR obligations and are in the process of ISO 9000:1 certification.

All you need to know about Visuary

At Visuary, we have designed a housing configuration platform for real estate developers to manage modifications requested by buyers (TMA). We work with real estate professionals throughout France.

Visuary is a 100% online experience dedicated to VEFA (off-plan property sales). You can access all features from your browser, with no installation required. Collaborate with project managers and builders with just a simple link; no installation needed.

Visuary helps with sales, enhances buyer satisfaction, saves a lot of time in managing TMAs and choices, communicates effectively with companies, and semi-automatically processes their amendments.

Visuary brings the advantages of BIM (Building Information Modeling) to housing operations, without the need to increase study fees or require trained personnel and companies.

It’s very simple; a few weeks before the commercial launch, we give you access to the platform. From there, you can present the housing on your site and give buyers access to customize their home within the limits you authorize.

We are available to answer any questions from 9 AM to 7 PM, Monday to Friday, at 0149173153. You will also have a dedicated project manager.

Security is our priority. Your data is hosted on secure servers, and we adhere to the principles of ISO 27001 standard.

You define the possibilities for changes. Every action that a buyer can perform has been previously validated. For example, you might allow buyers to move their electrical outlets but not their ceiling lights (DCL).

The price depends on the options chosen and the average surface area of the homes. We offer reasonable prices. Please contact us for more details.

Immersive Visualization: With Visuary, offer your buyers an immersive experience of their future homes. They can explore each room, make their TMA choices from different layouts, materials, and colors, and envision their new living space. This visual immersion strengthens their confidence in their purchasing decision.

Error Reduction: Visuary helps you eliminate costly errors and misunderstandings during the housing configuration phase. Thanks to our collaborative interface, all stakeholders have access to the right information at the right time, and are informed of changes in real-time. This capability reduces delays and costs associated with design errors.

Sales Process Acceleration: By using Visuary, you can speed up the sales process by offering your customers a unique experience. 3D visualization and real-time customization allow them to quickly project themselves and make more informed decisions. This reduces the time needed to finalize sales and improves your commercial efficiency.

Competitive Advantage: By offering a 3D housing configuration platform, you differentiate yourself from competitors and create a unique value proposition. Visuary enables you to give your clients an interactive and engaging experience, strengthening your market position and increasing your chances of closing sales.

TMAs, or Travaux Modificatifs Acquéreurs (buyer modification works), refer to changes made by buyers to a new or under-construction real estate property. When a buyer purchases a new home off-plan or in VEFA, they often have the opportunity to personalize certain aspects of the construction according to their needs and preferences.

TMAs allow buyers to request specific modifications or fittings, such as adding an extra room, choosing specific materials, altering the room layout, etc. These changes are usually carried out by the real estate developer or by partner companies under their supervision. It is important to note that buyer modification works are typically offered at an additional cost.

Buyers must therefore discuss customization options with the developer and agree on the financial terms and timelines for implementation. TMAs offer buyers the chance to personalize their new home to better meet their needs and tastes, while complying with current regulations and the technical constraints of the real estate project.

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