Optimiser le rendement des opérations

Once the land was found, the permit was cleared and a good number of buyers were found, the tumultuous time for the work came.

The major subjects on which the promoter must work are then:

  • Find the competent company(ies) to carry out the work within the budget
  • Ensure deadlines are met, in particular by forming a project management team
  • Satisfy buyers, thanks to good communication and satisfaction of their requests

To ensure deadlines are met, see our dedicated article. To communicate and satisfy buyer requests, particularly in terms of modification work, there is Visuary. We will therefore focus here on the consultation of trade bodies. Certain practices can also be applied to consulting general contractors.

First of all, it is necessary to take a step back from the composition of the price of an achievement. On new collective housing operations in urban or moderately dense areas, the sale price is mainly made up of:

  • Cost of land
  • Construction cost
  • Project management fees
  • Different insurance and bank charges
  • From the promoter’s margin

However, the cost of land is often set by competition between developers, the project management generally takes a fixed percentage of around 12% of the price of the work, insurance and bank rates are hardly negotiable and the developer’s margin is subject to a minimum threshold making the operation viable.

The only factor on which there is room for maneuver is the cost of construction. This can vary greatly, depending on site conditions but also and above all depending on the skills of the managers, who can vary the price by more than a quarter, up or down.

How to ensure that the build is optimized? You have to go through several steps:

Volume optimization

The precise study of buildable volumes is crucial. Thinking about the possibility of making additional penthouses, making a terrace accessible rather than not, or building a second basement level allows you to optimize the financial result of the operation.

Architectural choices

A significant part of the construction price is linked to the architectural choices made upstream. If it is necessary to respect the local town planning plan, and have building shapes and facades that are not too monotonous in order to be desirable and the project attractive, we must be careful of crazy architectural projects. Some architects do not worry about facade recess, floor spans or even technical ducts which do not lead, so many details which make almost no difference to the user but end up being expensive and causing complications if not poor workmanship. . It is therefore crucial to ensure that the architect respects sobriety specifications, and not just impose a construction price on him, which is bound to vary in all cases.

The thermal study

This is an element that is often neglected but which represents an important part of the price of buildings: thermal insulation. It is very often very profitable to have the question studied by a specialized design office which will know where the thickness of insulation must be increased and where it must be removed. We can also change the type of certain insulation, flocking instead of fibrastyrene in parking or interior insulation instead of exterior, which often allows substantial savings.


If they are not identified by the developer, they will be identified by the builders who will only offer to share part of the savings made. It is therefore advisable to identify them before the consultation, for example by replacing overpriced lighting fixtures in common areas with models that are just as aesthetic but less fashionable. We can also save very significant amounts of money on locksmithing, by using industrially manufactured doors or guardrails when possible, rather than having everything custom-made. Also pay attention to high quality: a handrail for an interior emergency staircase does not need to be galvanized and then powder-coated, a simple painting is generally sufficient.

The measurements

Often neglected and entrusted to the lowest bidder, measurements are nevertheless directly proportional to the purchase price. An overestimated measurement of 3% therefore implies a 3% increase in the purchase price, which is a shame. Having two different surveyors do the measurements, or even better, using the measurements provided by a digital tool like Visuary can be very fruitful.


The choice of companies (or the general contractor if you can afford it) is often essential to the success of the operation. The issues to be resolved are: How to find companies, how to ensure that they are competent and how to fit within the budget we have set? Finding companies can be done in many ways, from the directory to word of mouth to construction sites in the region. Given the diversity in the quality of the companies’ work, and the dependence on the distance between the manufacturer’s headquarters and the site location, locating companies on surrounding construction sites is often a good idea. This also allows you to visit the construction sites and thus see the quality of the work carried out. Working with the same companies as usual or those recommended by colleagues ensures that you have a reliable base of subcontractors on which to rely.

The negociation

Most companies are flexible, even very flexible on price, especially during periods of low activity. Be careful, however, negotiating prices downwards too intensely will force the company to catch up during the project, by presenting additional work at the slightest change or even by threatening to leave the site if it really cannot cope. more. The most effective way to get a low price and ensure that it doesn’t cause problems later is to make sure that everyone wins. For example, with Visuary you ensure that TMAs go smoothly, and that companies have precise and up-to-date plans and measurements available, and do not lose money on them.

Sunday, Feb 9, 2020

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